Indian Head Cents
Minted from 1859-1909

With coin collecting, acquiring quality Indian Head Cents takes time and patience.  There are very few key dates available nationwide as the hobby of collecting coins has grown tremendously, as well as the number of people collecting Indian Cents. However, we do have a rather large inventory of U.S. Coins to choose from.

Click here to view our inventory of Indian Head Cents

Click Here to View our inventory of Indian Head CentsIndian Head Cents
We have many Indian Head Pennies available in grades starting at Almost Good and going up in quality to the Extra Fine grades. While coins in the lower grades will be more affordable, the coins in the Very Fine to Extra Fine grades will have much more eye appeal.

The price of many of the Indian Head Cents we carry will start at about $2 and will go up in price to well over $500. We take pride in offering only Photograde quality coins graded expertly by our staff. If you are dissatisfied for any reason you may return the coin no questions asked for a period of 14 days as long as the coin remains in its' original holder.

We hope you enjoy looking at our wide selection of Indian Head Cents. We also carry a wide supply of coin albums and holders to assist you in housing your collection.  When you click on the link you will be taken to our main website where you will find thousands of coins and supplies. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions regarding any of our products.

The link to our main site is below. A world of opportunity awaits you with one click of the mouse. When you have finished looking at our Indian Head Cent inventory you can always view our other coins at click here our parent company.

As with any collectable we advise our clients to build the best quality set you can afford. This means buying the best quality Indian Cent with each and every purchase. 

Coins of better quality have shown a dramatic increase in value over coins that are not the nicest to look at. The values of Indian Head Cents are continually going up and are not the exception in the coin market today. The golden rule of coin collecting is to buy the coin that pleases you the most. A coin graded in Almost Good condition will look terrible next to a coin only two grades up in Very Good condition. Generally the price difference is minimal when going up just two grades. Like many coins, Indian Head Cents were minted by several mint facilites in the U.S.  (Philadelphia and San Francisco).  There are also a few proof coins known to exist at much higher prices than the business strike coins.

Be sure to view the coin holders and albums that are available on our site as well.  We carry only the very best brands available such as Dansco, Whitman and Harris.

Thousands of coins await you:
From State Quarters and Two Cent Pieces, to Morgan Silver Dollars and Peace Dollars our selection is unsurpassed.  Quality Indian Head Cents and U.S. Coins await you!

We have been online for the past eleven years, and with annual sales in excess of two million dollars have a unique knowledge of coins and coin supplies.  We also carry a wide selection of U.S. Stamps and Stamp Collecting Supplies as well as gold and silver bullion.

Our website is one of the only sites online that offers FREE SHIPPING on your first order as well as a customer rewards program that enables our customers to earn money on each purchase for cash off the next purchase.  Coupled with our extensive inventory we are sure you'll find just about everything you'll need to add to, or to start your Indian Head Cent collection today.

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